Mallett Cars LTD Liquidation

Mallett Corvette

     Following the 2009 bankruptcy of Mallett Cars LTD, Oh, a private investor acquired the assets of Mallett Cars LTD in early 2010 and moved them to Concord, N.C. to be operated by Chuck Mallett. After over two years of unprofitable operation, the investor closed the doors of Mallett Cars LTD. He is now offering for sale the entire inventory and machine tools along with several Mallett Built vehicles to recoup some of his original investment. All vehicles have titles including the original  239mph, 900hp, Mallett C4, blue, "One Lap Of America" car and the famous Mallett C5 "Green Slime" car.

     All items will be listed on this website and will be offered for sale as the inventories are completed. Until that time if you are interested in purchasing something specific or in bulk or have any questions feel free to contact Jeff at:

     Here you'll also find miscellaneous takeoff parts from Solstice, Sky, Corvette C5& C6, SUV, and Cadillac CTS-V Mallett conversion vehicles.
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If you don't see what you need, please e-mail ( We have miscellaneous parts and tools not listed.
All pricing and quantities are subject to change without notice.  Pricing does not include shipping.  All parts are sold "as is".
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